AXA Gulf is the largest insurer in the GCC. We offer a wide-range of products and services to empower our customers to live a better life.
When people feel protected and taken care of, they can live their lives feeling empowered, confident and happy.
AXA Gulf is the largest insurer in the GCC, with more than 65 years of customer protection, brand loyalty and presence in five countries (UAE, Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman).
Our customers are the heroes of all our stories. We tell their stories to empower them and others to live a better life. We are strongly committed to being a partner our customers can rely on in every aspect of their lives.


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Health Insurance

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Look after your health
Smart Health is designed for you to enjoy life’s moments.

AXA Smart Health plans provide comprehensive coverage for you and your loved ones.

Home Insurance

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Find your happy place
AXA Home Insurance offers you our emergency repair call out service, protecting your home in the event of an incident.

Get 5% discount* on your first purchase online.

Travel Insurance

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Safe travellers save big!

Enjoy big savings with 20% off on AXA Travel Smart Insurance when you provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19!

Car Insurance

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Safe drivers pay up to 50% less!

Safe drivers deserve to be rewarded! Buy AXA quality car insurance and benefit from a world of free services.

Get 10% off when you purchase online*


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