We are a dynamic and growing Dubai based business, that has as purpose to bridge strategic commercial relationships between global suppliers and Middle Eastern markets through the import and distribution of a unique array of food and beverage products.

Equipped with our own warehousing space, distribution facilities and delivery fleet, we supply over 100 products throughout the UAE to leading supermarket chains, prestigious establishments within the HoReCa sector, local marketplaces and to our consumers’ homes


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Monviso Mineral Water

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MonViso 100% natural mineral water from Monviso Mountain in the Italian Alps has a purity unmatched by any other brand. Originating from Europe's highest source at 2,042 meter altitude and protected at 3.8 °C away from pollution and human settlement, MonViso is bottled at source in Northwest Italy at the foothills of Monviso Mountain - the mountain whose water has been celebrated for its unique rejuvenating properties since ancient times.

MonViso is clearly the superior mineral water choice for you and your family. It's minimally mineralized and extremely light, with one of the world's lowest sodium levels. MonViso's unique composition makes it perfect for everyone, including infants, and safe for consumption in large quantities.

MonViso water bottles are packaged in PET plastic and are (BPA) Bisphenol-A free.

MonViso Italian Natural Mineral Water is more than just water.

We donate! We recycle! We Hydrate!

For every litre sold through home deliveries & partner companies, AED 1 is donated to Al Jalila Foundation. MonViso shares the foundation's vision to transform lives through medical research, education and treatment.

We lead a sustainability initiative to collect for free from our customers the empty plastic and glass bottles. To give a new purpose to the plastic bottles, we have partenered with Dgrade, an organisation using an innovative technology to produce fibre from plastic waste.

Paoletti Soft Drinks

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The Enrico Paoletti e Figli Company has been operating in the production of traditional Italian soft drinks for over 100 years. A journey towards success, enriched by a family management that has always believed in the pursuit of quality and the selection of the best ingredients. It is today's owners, Giancarlo, Pierluigi, and Gianluca Paoletti who still follow along these lines, personally supervising all the stages of production, along with all contacts with clients.

Thanks to the Halal Certification issued by the only Italian Authority officially recognized by the World Halal Food Council, our products complied with the ethics of the Shariah Law. This allows us to open up to the Middle East, a region where its people appreciate the excellence of the Made in Italy brand.

We will like to remind you that ours is not a multinational company, but a historical company tied to its own territory, which has always had a vocation towards innovation and the search for new experiences, not only of a commercial nature, but also a human and cultural one.

Thanks to the unique taste of its products and to the design of its labels, Paoletti drinks are now a real icon of the Made in Italy quality, of our unmistakable life style famous and appreciated worldwide.

Cavanna Olive Oil

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Since Sergio Cavanna founded Cavanna Olii 60 years ago, we have travelled around Italy and the world in search of the best raw materials and the most reliable oil producers. We are proud to care for and put our customers first.

The special processing of our extra virgin olive oil maintains precious substances such as vitamins and polyphenols. Cavanna Olii has a definite yet sweet, perfumed flavour. Its fragrance and authenticity make this precious product ideal for top quality catering, especially when used crude, on salads or in soups, or to add flavour to delicate dishes.

Raw materials are stored in stainless steel tanks, partly above ground and partly below it, at a controlled temperature. Cavanna Olii manages production via an accurate quality system to identify and evaluate potential food and agricultural risks - and so avoid hazards to the product quality before, during, and after production.

Cavanna Olii employs a fully-automated, latest-generation filtering system for extra virgin olive oils, to obtain better filtering quality. The result is a fine, top product.


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