Vedic Teas is a Tea Connoisseur specializing in handcrafted Teas. The ingredients are sourced globally. The recipes are created in-house and the Teas are blended in Canada. At Vedic teas we are committed to sourcing the best in teas, herbs, and spices from all over the world.

Why Vedic Teas?
The entire range of premium teas is Blended and Packaged in Canada
All the ingredients are natural and with no artificial flavor
It is a Full Leaf Tea
The tea is packaged in Pyramid shaped tea bags that offer ample room for tea leaves to unfurl
The packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable
The premium nature of the Tea ensures flavor remains constant across multiple Cups


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Arabian Mint Tea

Price/Rates AED20 for 50gm
1. A classic mint herbal tea with a soothing combination of Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger and Orange Peels.

2. Aids digestion, cleanses palate and is an ultimate stomach settler.

3.All ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours.

4. Blended & packaged in Canada.

Chamomile lemon Tea

Price/Rates AED23 for 50gm
1. Herbal blend of chamomile and rooibos with fresh lemon verbena.

2. Relaxes mind, body and soul.

3. No caffeine tea, ideal for every day relaxation.

4. All ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours.

Spicy chai

Price/Rates AED22 for 50gm
1. A strong cup of Pure Assam Black Tea.

2. Black tea with spices is used for digestive disorders, throat relief, building immunity and a multitude of other purposes.

3. The sweetness of the cinnamon pieces and fennel seeds complement the aromatic cardamom and cloves perfectly, making it a very flavourful blend.

4. Blended and Packaged in Canada.

5. All ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours.


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