Asked Questions

  • What is Company Advisor?

    A free service directory showcasing your company's profile, services, discounts & deals you offer to all community residents. Customers are encouraged to leave a review and recommend additional companies, enabling the top performing companies with the most reviews to participate in the annual Company Advisor Awards.

  • What is Community Advisor and how is it linked to Company Advisor?

    Community Advisor is a free mobile application for community residents. Besides participating in forums, events and trade, residents can search the Company Advisor directory for services they are looking for, alongside leaving a review and recommendations for their neighbours to see.

  • Why should I join Company Advisor?

    Your company will be listed for free on our website enabling full exposure to 3 communities within our Community Advisor App.

  • Why is the Company Advisor listing free for the website and free for up to 3 communities on the Community Advisor App?

    We believe that the time spent on finding right companies with the right attitude towards service and value for money is critical and should be easily accesible to community residents. We believe best recommendations and reviews come from community residents first hand experiences within a community. Basic listings are free and additional subscriptions at attractive rates. No matter how large or small the company maybe, we would like to support all companies and give equal opportunities to showcase their services within communities.

  • How do I sign up and create my Company Profile?

    Login as a Company User and you will find an easy 3 step explanation process to follow: 1) Fill in your basic company details and create your login profile. 2) Go to edit profile to complete your company's listing and select your preferred visibility options in terms of represented categories, company description, pictures, company location, communities served and services offered. 3) If you are happy with your listing in 3 communities only you are done and listed for free. If you would like additional visibility, you can complete an additional step allowing you to add options to your basic package and then check out to add these sought after options into your edit profile page.

  • What type of Subscriptions are there?

    You are listed for free on the website and mobile Community Advisor app within 3 communities. For extra visibility in terms of extra categories, services listed or communities served, you can add visibility options or go for our attractive bundle listing and participate in the annual Company Advisor Awards.

  • If I login as User on the Company Advisor website, do I become a Community Advisor app user as well?

    The Company Advisor website user is not community based. You can create a Company Advisor User Profile to make use of the discounts and offers of all companies listed over all communities. Plus you can leave reviews on the website for all companies. Don't forget to download the app as well as there will be additional features that can support you.

  • How can I delete my account?

    You can delete your account from App itself here are the steps on Android/IOS, Open the app->Drawer menu->Delete Account->give your confirmation to delete the account.